Welcome to Fashion Anarchy.

Welcome to our first post on our official Alternative Attic blog. Some of you may have come across us before on the old blog page, If so welcome back! For those of you who don’t know what we do or who we are, welcome in.

Firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Nez. I’m 26 and I’m weird. That’s okay because after a lot of damage and a lot of time I’ve come to realise that it’s completely okay. I have never fitted inside the boxes that society wants from me but one place this has always been apparent is fashion. I spent my childhood trying to starve myself into clothing that was never going to fit me because I wanted to desperately to fit in. Then when that didn’t work I flitted from over large skateboarding clothing to menswear trying to find that one place where I fitted. So I tried Alternative Clothing surely that would be inclusive? Wrong, most alternative clothing is made for girls who are not my size or my shape. I became more and more steadily disillusioned until something inside of me snapped and created The Alternative Attic.

The Alternative Attic started 3 years ago as a blog to express myself in a world where I felt I was being squashed. My counsellor at the time suggested that I needed to express myself creatively or I was going to implode. So I started to write, I travelled the world on my own and kept blogging and I came back to the UK with a mission. To start a brand to help people express themselves, to create clothes that were made for me and my self expression not the other way round. So I started printing with whatever I could find and sometimes even my own finger prints. In August last year during Pride I realised that this brand I had built was so much bigger than just me. I could help other people to express themselves too and that other people need the products I am creating. So we changed our mission to Fashion Anarchy and making a difference to other people’s lives.

So Why Fashion Anarchy? We are fighting for a better future and for a world where young girls are not forced to starve themselves to get that latest design, where models are all sizes, shapes and genders, LGBT+ people are included and represented, and ALL people have a say in what they want and the confidence to wear it. We want to improve body confidence in young people, teach self-confidence and self-expression. Give people a safe space they can belong too when the need to fit into when the boxes gets too much. Things need to change and the only people that can change it and hold the big brands accountable are us. Overall, we want to create a spark in the industry and to change it for those after us. To undo the damage the industry has done to our bodies, our confidence and our ability to express ourselves.

Find your weird, worship it and welcome in.


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